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We do all levels and disciplines of MTB, Road and gravel bikes

We do not work on Time trial or triathlon bikes


Why choose us? 
With years of experience, both on the bike(from BMX to Track, road racing, MTB, Downhill, Bike packing...) and in the bicycle trade, Bike fitting became a necessity, a passion, a reward to improve cyclists speed, endurance, control, efficiency and delight.
With hundreds of bike fits, numerous trainings by various experts and the latest equipment we will change your cycling experience.



MTB or Road bike : ZAR 800

Online Bike Fitting

We’ve been working on it for a while and are proud to finally offer online bike fitting. We know not everyone lives in an area with an expert bike fitter, we also know spending at least half day to get a bike fit isn’t exactly ideal. Or maybe you are stuck at home during a global pandemic. We have a solution to all of those problems.


How it work?

It’s actually pretty simple, but let’s look at it step by step:

We will need  short video clips of you cycling from 3 different angles in your normal riding position(s),
front, side and from behind, each should be about 10-15 seconds long.
Preferable on an indoor trainer (please be careful and act responsibly and safe if you take the clip/s on the trail/road)

Take close up pictures of the Saddle, Handlebar(Cockpit) and the bottom of your shoes so we can see cleat positioning.
The entire item should be in the picture, but get as close as you can while keeping the item in focus.

Send your videos and pictures to us via email, Whatsapp, Google Drive, Wetransfer.....

Pay for your fit session via EFT

Answer a couple of questions which we send you about your history and goals in cycling.

We analyze your videos and pictures, if needed we ask you to send us more/different/detailed infos and send you back
a list of recommended adjustments to make.

Make the adjustments, film yourself again and send us the video clip/s for a review.