Gloworm Carbon Nylon QR Bar Mount 31.8mm or 35.0mm

Upgraded handlebar mount that fits all Gloworm Lights. Made from Carbon Composite Nylon Strong, light, and shock absorbing. Available in two sizes to suit 31.8mm or 35mm handlebars

Compatible with all Gloworm Lights, the new Carbon Nylon Quick Release (QR) Bar Mount will have your light sitting directly in front of the stem.  Its super strong design will hold your Gloworm light in the perfect position while taking up little room on your bar.  The mount itself is only 10mm wide and weighs a mere 17 grams!

Gloworm Extension Cable
The Gloworm Extension Cable extends your connection by 80cm. This allows the flexibility to mount your battery pack in a variety of places. Whether it be in your backpack, on your bike frame or seat post, the Extension Cable gives you the length you desire.

Gloworm Headstrap

The fully adjustable Gloworm Headstrap  allows you to mount the Gloworm X1, X2 or XS using the Gloworm Quick Release Helmet Mount (Can also be used with a GoPro Camera). Featuring comfortable and durable elastic straps, the Gloworm Headstrap will securely hold your light and battery pack wherever you venture.

Designed to be used with the Gloworm 2 Cell battery however can also be used with 4 cell batteries using the elastic battery strap as provided with each lightset.

Gloworm Li-ion Smart Charger (EU)

Approved Li-ion battery smart charger with built in surge protection – specifically for Gloworm Li-ion Batteries.

Quickly and safely charges your Gloworm Battery packs to get you back out there in no time at all!

Gloworm Universal Light Mount
The Gloworm universal light mount screws to the 4-bolt pattern underneath 2017 and newer Gloworm light models enabling the use of the universal helmet mount, universal bar mount and for use on any standard Go Pro style thumb screw mount.

Quarter Turn Interface

Quater turn interface to fit Gloworm Models. Includes 4 x Screws. Garmin compatible

Universal Bar Mount
The Gloworm Universal bar mount enables you to lock your Gloworm into place using the thumb screw and nut provided. The mount features a specially designed locking tab to prevent the light from slipping so is perfect for those wanting a rigid light position particularly when riding rougher terrain.

Wireless TX Remote

The revolutionary new Gloworm Wireless TX remote to control your wireless-capable Gloworm X2, X2 Adventure, XS or XSV (2018 onwards). This is a factory replacement for those that have lost or damaged their current remote. Super simple to pair with your wireless Gloworm light and features a crisp positive click, great for when being used with gloves.

The TX can control one light or multiple lights in any combination. The TX has 2 buttons, A and B – In the most basic setup, one light is paired to one button, either A or B.

Multiple lights can be paired to the same button at the same time, resulting in lights operating simultaneously. Alternatively, buttons A and B can be paired to different lights, providing independent control of each light.

Includes: 1 x Wireless TX Remote       1 x CR2032 Battery         1 x Integrated bar O-Ring

Velcro Spares
Includes two elastic Velcro straps – perfect for mounting your battery on the helmet, frame, stem or handlebar.