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711 MX

The combination of comfort and suitability for dynamic riding were at the forefront of developing the 711.
The preferred use is on a mountainbike. The perfect shape however, also make the 711 perfectly suitable for use on trekking bikes with a dynamic riding position.

Three densities of rubber provide for a perfect hold with a high level of comfort.
We only use the most advanced materials which provide a long lifespan and do not become sticky.

Lock-on feature:
The Syntace® lock-on clamp ensures the grip is securely attached to the handlebar while keeping the overall weight low. The Syntace® clamping mechanism is extremely well constructed and requires no further small parts or clamping collars. The clamp material is a fibre reinforced plastic. Intelligently, a 5mm Allen key is used, which is the most commonly needed Allen key size on bicycles. The clamping mechanism is generally ideal for carbon handlebars such as the SQlab 3OX or all of the Syntace handlebars. If your bars are very lightweight or thin-walled, please check with your respective handleber manufacturer before installation.

The first grip of high sophistication:
The slightly square shape of the frontal and lower profile is unique and provides increased comfort and a more secure grip. Have a look at your fingers as you close your hand. Correct – the inner contour is completely square. This means that it is considerably more ergonomic and provides a more secure hold if the grip is shaped with a rounded off square profile rather than a round profile.

Available sizes                                                L
Area of use                                                    MTB & Trekking
Length (mm)                                                  138
Weight (g) / pair                                             135, 165, 185
Shape                                                            Ergonomic hexagonal shape
Material                                                          Dual density compound

To be able to loosely guide the bar, but still have everything under control when the terrain gets challenging - no problem with the SQlab Enduro grip 711 MX!

The slightly square shape of the frontal and lower profile SQlab developed is even more pronounced with the MX grip resulting in an perfectly optimal form fit profile for your hand providing best possible control for dynamic enduro riders. The durable grip is ergonomically shaped for use with wide bars. The Syntace® clamping system provides reliable and secure halt on the bars at a very low weight. Scope of delivery = one pair of grips.

Available sizes                                               S
Area of use                                                    Enduro
Length (mm)                                                  147
Weight (g) / pair                                            135, 159
Shape                                                            Ergonomic hexagonal shape
Material                                                          Dual density compound

R 449.00

R 449.00


New Grips will be available soon

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