Pain and numbness

Medical explanation - pain and numbness in the foot
If nerves or blood vessels are constricted due to pressure, the blood circulation is reduced, or the nerve fibres are irritated which results in numbness, paresthesia or even pain in foot or toes.

Cause foot type:
Too much movement, or incorrect placement of the foot, causes a high pressure to the vessels and nerve tracts through the middle foot. Even with a normal foot position, muscle fatigue can cause a sagging of the foot arch and hence lead to problems. Muscle weakness: daily walking in shoes shortens and weakens the long and short foot muscle groups.

Cause shoe:
If the shoe is chosen too tight, the toes are often cramped up and this position causes considerable shortening of the foot muscles and the musculus flexor digitorum longus. Very firm shoes (e.g. carbon) without ergonomic insoles cause a increased pressure load, and for feet where the foot arch is not optimally pronounced, a pain in the metatarsal foot can result. Usually this leads to numbness and paraesthesia.

General tips for foot problems:

regularly change the shoes you are wearing in everyday situations

bare foot walking stimulates the foot sole and raises the sensomotory function

strengthening of the foot muscles: lift obstacles with your foot, spread the toes, walk on tip toes

massaging the soles (for example rolling the foot back and forth on a tennis ball with light pressure)

don't do up shoe laces too tight when cycling (blood circulation)

The nerves run from brain to foot. On the way, there are a variety of options for disturbances. Lumbar spinal damage, muscular pressure and constriction can also cause pain and paraesthesia at the foot!!