How to measure the sit bones at home

1. Find a piece of cardboard size A5-A4 (corrugated cardbord works best)

2. Place the cardboard on a flat, hard chair / bench etc.

3. Sit on it and arch your back while pushing down on your toes this will push the sit bones further out pull yourself down to increase pressure.












4. Stand up. The sit bones should have imaged themselves on the cardboard.

5. Take a marker and outline the prints and then mark the middle of each print.

6. Take a ruler and measure the distance (middle to middle).

7. Add the factor of your sitting position (see pic below +0, +1, +2, +3, +4cm) to the measurement.
The result is your SQ Lab saddle size.
If you are between two numbers always round up.

8. Now you are ready to visit our online shop


If you are not sure or don’t feel confident to do this on your own please don’t hesitate to contact us for a recommendation and carry on with the following:


- Copy and paste the following and email

( to us for a recommendation.

Please answer as many questions as possible


my sit bone distance (middle to middle) is :

how often do you ride long distances (3 hours and more)

how many kilometers do you ride a week / a month / a year

how many days a week do you ride (average)
What bicycle do you ride (Road, MTB,...)
What is your riding style(agressive, sporty, moderate....)

please also send us pictures of:

- the sit bone print

- side view of you riding your bike or specify your bike and indicate as accurate as possible on the

picture below (e.g. +1, +2...or between +2 and +3 or between +2 and +3 but closer to...)




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